Yume Kotone is one of the (fanmade Madoka Magica oc) characters of (the fanmade Madoka Magica series) Puella Magi Kotori Magica.

Personality Edit

In the Kotori Magica series, Yume was known as an anime character in the anime series, Sparkling Yume. In reality, Yume turned out to be real, and is a puella magi just like the Kotori Magica characters.

In the Sparkling Yume series, Yume's personality was a very happy and bubbly character, who always will fight the monsters no matter what, but in reality, Yume's personality is very different.

Yume's real personality is dark and sadistic.

Yume is very close to an incubator that looks like a bird, named Alexis.

Since Yume knows about her anime counterpart, she knows about the fans of her anime, such as Kotori (former), and Kanon Sakuya (present). Out of all the members of Tsubasa, Yume only acts kind towards Kanon (maybe because she's young?)

Relationships Edit

  • Mariko Nanami - Mariko and Yume are very close friends. They are very good friends, as they were friends in Yume's past life, when Yume used to live as the puella magi named Ayame Kimiko
  • Kotori Aizawa - Yume seems to be very interested in Kotori, which often creeps Kotori out. Kotori and the members of Tsubasa do know about Yume's true personality, and Yume's true personality caused Kotori to stop being a fan of Yume's anime
  • Tsukasa Hibiki - Tsukasa and Yume are shown to often get into arguments, and Tsukasa greatly dislikes Yume. Although they both do that, they started to both start caring for each other in the events of After.
  • Alexis - Alexis is Yume's mascot character. They both get along very well.
  • Kanon Sakuya - Out of all the members in Tsubasa, Yume only acts nice and bubbly towards Kanon.

Quotes Edit

"Why didn't you just wish for her to disappear instead?" - Final chapter

"Sparkling Yume-chan is starting right now!" - Yume, portrayed in her anime series

"Kotori-san isn't somebody I look up to. I don't even like pink magical girls like her. But, she interests me." - Yume, saying this to Alexis various times.

Trivia Edit

  • Yume is the reincarnation of an old puella magi, named Ayame Kimiko (the main character of my fanmade Madoka Magica series, Puella Magi Ayame Magica, which is a short series.)
  • Yume is the ancestor to an old puella magi (of another one of my fanmade Madoka Magica series), named Ritsuko Sachi.