"Yoshinon Heart Wave~!"

― Yoshino's call and response
Yoshino Sakura (佐倉よしの) is a character in Kiseki Girls! She is a member of the idol group, Kiseki Girls!

Character Bio Edit

Character Description Edit

An always happy, cute, and energetic idol! She has been an idol ever since she was young! Yoshino appears to be a huge fan of Cosmo.

Personality Edit

When Yoshino is on stage, and doing idol activities, she pretends to act more bubbly and cute. In person, she's still nice and bubbly, but will not hesitate to sabotage Space Idols.

Relationships Edit

Cosmo Pleiades - Yoshino seems to romantically like Cosmo, as she thinks that sharing lunch with her means that they are married. Yoshino does not care about ruining Cosmo's sisters' lives, but Yoshino refuses to ruin Cosmo's.

Momoko Momoka

Cosmi Pleiades

Trivia Edit

  • Yoshino is always seen to wear Lolita fashion clothes when she is not in school, or doing lessons
  • Yoshino comes from a rich family
  • Yoshino's appearance looks a bit similar to Sharo Kirishima
    • Both have Blonde hair
    • Both have someone that they really like
  • Yoshino's image color is Yellow, but she is shown be wear Orange often