Tama is a main character in HoPure s2. She is another Pleiadian, who can control being in a human form, or pleiadian form, although she is often shown being in human form.

Personality Edit

Tama is shown to be a very bright girl, who acts likes a kid. This is later revealed that that is not Tama's real personality, as she is actually soft-spoken, wise, and very cunning. Due to that, she is said to be often manipulative as well.

She is very good friends with Himeru, as they are always shown to be together, and they both saw the shooting stars at the same time, which they ended up getting their powers at the same time too.

Although she is a Pleiadian too, her pleiadian main form is a persian cat. She is shown being in her human form alot.

History Edit

Not much is really known about Tama, but she is good friends with Himeru.

Appearance Edit

Casual (uniform) Edit

When Tama is not transformed, she wears the same kind of uniform that Hikaru wears. Tama has long white hair, and gray eyes.

Transformed Edit

When transformed, her magical girl outfit looks the same as the other's outfits, but she wears a gray cat hat, with tall knee-high gray boots with white laces on them. Her theme color of her outfit is gray.

Relationships Edit

Himeru - They are both very good friends. They are shown to always be together.

Hikaru - Seems to get along well with Hikaru

Itsuki - Seems to get along well with Itsuki

Trivia Edit

  • She often ends her sentences with '-Nano!'
  • Tama shares a few similarities to Tama from the Selector Wixoss series
  • She was originally going to wear a witch hat instead of a cat hat