"Everyone's favorite Magical Girl Idol! Suba-ru-run!"

― Subaru's call and response
Subaru Hoshizora (星空すばる) is a character in Kiseki Girls!

Character Bio Edit

Character Description Edit

A positive and energetic idol, who aims to become 'the world's favorite 'Magical Girl Idol'!

Personality Edit

Subaru is a girl, who loves idols and magical girls with all her heart. She is best friends with Shiro. Before joining Kiseki Girls, she used to be in a idol group with Cosmo.

Relationships Edit

Shiro Shirokita - Subaru's very best friend. She is always shown to be by Shiro's side, and Shiro is always shown to be by Subaru's side.

Cosmo Pleiades - Subaru & Cosmo used to be in a idol group together before joining Kiseki Girls.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is VERY similar to Nanana Katagiri
    • It was meant to be this way, as Subaru is a huge fan of Nanana, that she decided to look like her
  • When Subaru was in a idol group with Cosmo, her original image color used to be purple
    • Her image color was going to stay purple in the Kiseki Girls! series, but due to Cosmo having the same color, Subaru's image color was changed to green