Megumi Toyama is a (Madoka Magica oc) character in (the fanmade Madoka Magica) series, Puella Magi Kotori Magica.

Megumi is known to be the smart one in the Puella Magi group, Tsubasa.

Personality Edit

A very smart and wise girl, who is the smartest girl in all of her classes, and is shown to be very strict due to this.

Personalities aside, Megumi's best friend is Kotori Aizawa, as they are childhood friends.

History Edit

In the beginning of Kotori Magica, Megumi claimed that,

"I have no purpose of being a magical girl."

Ever since she said that, Ryubey and Kotori thought that maybe she doesn't want to be a magical girl, but in reality, Megumi's rival in school, Sayuri Kenzaki, were rivals in a way, since they were both the smartest girls and class.

This even caused Sayuri to bully her, saying "I'm more smarter than you!", which causes Megumi to tell Ryubey her desire. Since Megumi decided to keep her desire a secret from Kotori and the others (besides Ryubey), they were all shocked that Megumi decided to make a contract.

After the events of the beginning volumes to Kotori Magica, Yume and the others found out about Megumi's true wish. Yume told Megumi, "You know, you could have just wished for Sayuri to just disappear.", but Megumi shook her head, and replied with,

"I think my wish was for the best. She may be a horrible person, but that doesn't mean she should just disappear."

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Trivia Edit

  • When Kotori Magica was still in progress, and in early stages, Megumi's original wish was going to be, "I wish to be a successful doctor, just like my sister!", but this was never done, and was changed for an unknown reason
  • Like her original wish, Megumi had an older sister, but her having a sister was never done, and wasn't in the complete version
  • Megumi was originally going to be the first one to die in Kotori Magica, but this was never done
  • Megumi was originally going to have blue hair instead of gray
  • Megumi has a crush on Kotori, but never shows romantic emotions, nor blushes, around Kotori,