Kotori Aizawa is a (Madoka Magica oc) character in the fanmade Madoka Magica series, Puella Magi Kotori Magica.

She is the main character of the series, and is the leader of the Puella Magi group named Tsubasa.

Personality Edit

Kotori is a very kind, sweet, and caring girl, who loves helping her friends, no matter what.

Her personality is kind of similar to Madoka Kaname's in a way, but Kotori tries her best to not be afraid of anything, and will accept a challenge or fight if requested.

In the first chapters of Kotori Magica, Kotori's personality was somewhat similar to Akari Sakura's from Jewelpet Tinkle, but after the events of the first chapters, Kotori decided to become a bit more stronger, and more brave, but still shows kindness.

Relationships Edit

  • Megumi Toyama - Kotori's very best childhood friend. Although their personalities are a bit different, they still get along very well
  • Tsukasa Hibiki - Tsukasa introduced both Megumi and Kotori about magical girls, and taught them both how to fight in battle
  • Yume Kotone - Kotori was a big fan of Yume's magical girl anime when she was younger, but as Kotori met the real life Yume, and found out about Yume's true (sadistic) personality, Kotori's view of Yume started to change. Kotori still cares about Yume though.
  • Kanon Sakuya - Since Kanon is younger than the others, Kotori tries her best to be a big sister towards Kanon. In the (fanon) video game, Kotori was very shocked when Kanon told her that she had more sisters
  • Ryubey - Gets along with Ryubey very well.

(Fanon) Relationships (Outside of Kotori Magica) Edit

  • Madoka Kaname - Has met Madoka and Kazumi Subaru in an alternate universe
  • Kazumi Subaru - Has met Kazumi and Madoka in an alternate universe
  • Iroha Tamaki - Has met Madoka and Iroha in an alternate universe

Quotes Edit

"I'm going to save Yume-chan! No matter what!" - Video game, chapter 15

"I was a huge fan of Yume-chan's anime as a kid, but turns out she's the big fan of me now..." - Chapter 4, (fanon) light novel.

Trivia Edit

  • As a running gag, Kotori is shown to sometimes hit Yume on her head whenever Yume tries to go into her sadistic mode
  • Kotori's design was inspired from Akari Sakura's from Jewelpet Tinkle, and in a way, their personalities are sometimes the same
  • Kotori was originally going to die in the end of the series, but was changed, and never done.
    • As Kotori was originally going to die at the end of the series, Yume was going to be the center of the next season