Kiseki Girls! (奇跡ガール) is a (fan-made) idol and magical girl Anime series, created by SubaruStar. It is the (fan-made) spiritual successor to the idol series, Re:Stage!

Plot (Season 1) Edit

In a world where every girl can become idols, a new idol group named 'Kiseki Girls' have just recently debuted, and are ready to work hard to become famous.

Although, there is a agency that want to get rid of girls' chances of becoming idols, this is bad, because it can hurt this world. It's up to Kiseki Girls to fight back!

Plot (Season 2) Edit

Kiseki Girls! is famous now! With their singles and albums and tons of merchandise in huge successful sales, the members have earned enough money, and even a free vacation to a super cool island!

Although, the Dark Agency is up to more evil tricks again! It is up to Kiseki Girls to stop them!

Characters Edit

 Kiseki Girls! members. Edit

Cosmo Pleiades - Cosmo, Subaru, and Shiro, are hinted to be the main characters of the series. Unlike the other idols in Kiseki Girls!, Cosmo is very mature, and is more experienced in being an idol. Cosmo is the leader of Kiseki Girls! Cosmo and her fans call her 'The space idol'! Since Cosmo used to be from space, she tries her best to learn more about Earth things.

Subaru Hoshizora - Member of Kiseki Girls! She's best friends with Shiro, and is always shown to be by Shiro's side. Subaru loves idols and magical girls with all her heart, and her occupation is 'To become a magical girl idol'. It has been her dream to be an idol ever since she was young.

Shiro Shirokita - A member of Kiseki Girls, who is best friends with Subaru. Shiro makes a lot of jokes (some that aren't funny too, but she knows that they are not funny), and she loves puns the most. Shiro has a huge love for anime and manga (she loves J-Pop too.).

Hinata Amano - A member of Kiseki Girls, who calls herself 'Different than the other members'. She's strict about her job about being a idol. At school, she's a very smart student, with perfect grades, and is hard on herself, and on others. Hinata is the student council president at Cosmo, Yoshino, Subaru, and Shiro's school, Urahara High.

Hanon Midoriko - A member of Kiseki Girls, who is anti-social, and is nowhere to be found during meetings. Although she appears to the lessons and training lessons. Turns out she is like this way because she has a hard time talking to others. Hanon is always shown to be hiding in tight spaces, as she likes tight spaces for an unknown reason.

Yoshino Sakura - A member of Kiseki Girls, with a always bright, and energetic vibe. She has been a idol even since she was young, and has tried her best to pass the auditions to join Kiseki Girls. Despite her cute and bright personality, she's has a strong dislike for Space Idols, but does not hate Cosmo. Yoshino calls herself 'The Idol Expert', although Yoshino doesn't know a lot about idols. Yoshino is a huge fan of Cosmo too.

Momoko Momoka - A member of Kiseki Girls, who is always nice, kind, and sweet to everyone. She sometimes clumsy though! She tries her best to help everyone, and always listens whenever someone has a problem. Before joining the agency, Momoko used to sing Anime song covers and other J-Pop song covers.

Trivia Edit

  • Kiseki Girls! is the (fan-made) spiritual successor to the idol series, Re:Stage! 
  • Cosmo is based off the author's best friends character.