Kanon Sakuya is a (fanmade Madoka Magica oc) character in (my fanmade Madoka Magica series) Puella Magi Kotori Magica.

A young magical girl who has older sisters who are magical girls too.

Personality Edit

Kanon is a little girl, with a very bright and bubbly personality. She is a 3rd grader, who works at her family's small aquarium shop with her older sisters, who are magical girls too.

Since she works at her family's shop, she is somewhat considered the mascot character there.

Kanon is a huge fan of Yume's anime, Sparkling Yume, and was thrilled when she found out that Yume was actually real. Yume only acts kind and sweet towards Kanon only, although Kanon does know about Yume's true dark personality.

Relationships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • As stated above, Kanon has older sisters, who are magical girls too
  • Kanon is a young magical girl, like the Oriko Magica character, Yuma Chitose
  • Kanon is the only character in Kotori Magica who's desire is not mentioned