Kanako Kaneko is the main character to the (fanmade) idol series, KiraKira Idol Night.

She is the replacement idol for her older deceased sister, Kaoru Kaneko.

Personality Edit

Kanako's personality is a bit different than her older sister (well, they shared the same personalities when Kaoru was younger), as she is not good at making decisions. She is very kind, and loves to make her friends and family happy.

Relationships Edit

Kirei Omedeto - Kanako's very best friend. Although Kanako is older than Kirei, she looks as Kirei as if she is her little sister.

Megumi Chiisana - Had met Megumi when they were in middle school, and they both care about each other very much, as Megumi is Kanako's very best friend as well.

Kaoru Kaneko - Is Kanako's deceased older sister. Although Kaoru is dead, and Kanako was devastated about her death, Kanako tries her best to stay strong, as that is what Kaoru had told her before she died.

Appearance Edit

Casual Edit

While not dressed in idol outfits, Kanako has long, platinum blonde hair, with her signature yellow headband.

Quotes Edit

"Kaoru told me to stay strong, and that's what i'll do!!" - Episode 12, season 1 (finale)

"My name isn't 'Konpeito-chan'!!" - Episode 3, season 1

"Rana-san, maybe if we learned to just understand what happened to you and onee-chan, you'll be able to accept the past!" - Episode 11, season 1

"Rana-san..." - Many times, as being greeted by Rana.

"Wait, you're the popular Astra idol, Mana??!" - While meeting Mana, the main character of After-school Idols, in the movie.

Songs Edit

Good Friends, Good DayS - Was sang in episode 2, and is Kanako's character song. The song's lyrics is mostly talking about Kanako trying her best to stay strong, no matter what.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kanako's character is a bit similar to Kotori Aizawa's
  • In the 'anime', Kanako's fans (and sometimes Megumi and Kirei), nickname her as 'Konpeito-chan'