Himeru is a main character in the HoPure series. She makes a appearance in season 2. Her theme color is dark purple.

Personality Edit

A bright, upbeat, and somewhat out-going girl, who shares the same name as Subaru, but for the members of the Cosplay club to not get confused, the members of the Cosplay Club decided to just call her by Himeru instead.

Her very best friend is Tama, as they both got their powers together.

Just like Hotaru, Himeru plays a guitar as well, and even joined the band club at the school alongside Hotaru.

History Edit

Not much is really known about Himeru, but it is shown that her and Tama always have their backstory moments together.

Relationships Edit

Tama - Himeru's very best friend in the series. They both received their powers together, at the same moment they saw the shooting stars.

Nanako - For an unknown reason, they are shown to both get along

Hotaru - They share a few things in common, and they both play guitars together, as they are both the only members of the band club at the school.

Subaru - They both have the same name. They still are shown to be good friends


Appearance Edit

Casual (school uniform) Edit

She has dark purple curly hair, that is tied up into a ponytail, with a hot pink ribbon tied with it. Just like the others, she wears the school uniform.

Transformed (Magical Girl) Edit

When transformed, her magical girl outfit looks exactly the same as the other members, but she has knee high dark purple boots, with white laces on them. Along with her outfit, she wears a tall dark purple witch hat (a bigger witch hat size than Aoi's). Her outfit's theme color is dark purple.

Trivia Edit

  • Her theme color is purple, which makes her the second member who's theme color is purple (with Nanako)
  • Due to this, they often get along
  • Himeru is in 3 clubs, although she is mostly shown to be in the cosplay club's room